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Why exhibit at Asia Luxury Travel Mart?

ALTM Sellers are the organization or representative of hospitality tourism industry such as hotels, restaurants, health – wellness, airlines, tour operators, travel agencies, transportation companies, tourism organizations, booking portals, system providers etc.


ALTM establish business mingle, networking to connect not only travel industries, hospitalities tourism business but including consumer of top spenders of credit card holder in Thailand, travelers from Asia-Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, expat and Thai residency.

ALTM will bring more than 1,000 attendees (both physical and online) with 100% pre-scheduled appointments.

ATLM promote pre-sale online travel package for intensive customer to drive up revenue.

ALTM Asia Pacific Buyer Breakdown

Our ALTM Asia Pacific buyers originate from all across the world, key areas include:

  • Tourism Bureau from Asia-Pacific Countries
  • Leading Travel Agents guaranteed by the Tourism Bureau
  • Thai Local Resident and Expats in Thailand
  • Top Spenders of the leading credit card company in Thailand
  • Online Travel Shoppers from around the world